Coffee Gift Set

Vietnamese Coffee Gift Box

A sip of Cafes Sua Đá or Den Da is our morning habit! We stay with its tradition from the way to roast and to blend it together. The secret ingredients bring our VIETNAM to coffee lovers. If you are looking for a special gift box for gourmet or a warm present for family and friends on special occasions, Vietnamese Coffee Legend Gift Box is a great choice.

Pick up dark red cherry from small farm in the Central Highland of VIETNAM – LAM DONG and Daklak, Robusta wash-polished, 18, was selected and roasted. The secret is not only roasting but also blending as well as soaking it with butter for a well-balanced body and aroma raise.
In addition, Viet Nam fresh brewing coffee also contains soybeans, making it more a natural condensed and different from other coffees around the world.