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Since the creation of Les Vergers Du Mékong, Jean-Luc VOISIN, our founder, has made a clear choice for long-term sustainable development by promoting sustainable farming and local sourcing proving that this is both achievable and profitable in today’s consumer driven Asia.

Back in 2000, it was a real adventure to start a processing setup in the Mekong Delta, but Jean-Luc was up for the challenge.

At 47 years old, after 25 years traveling across all continents, Jean-Luc VOISIN decided to hang his hat somewhere. Taking into consideration not only the natural wealth, business potential but also the living conditions, children education (his younger child was only 10 years old), the security, etc. the country that offered the most potential for his business and for his family was... Vietnam!

Jean-Luc is a social and environmental social leader and he created a unique business model from the early stages from the farm to the fork: the company integrates a strong local supply chain, the processing of natural products and the direct distribution in Vietnam and Cambodia.


Dong LE VAN joined Les Vergers Du Mékong first as a Sales Person in 2002. He was quickly promoted as Area Manager who was in charge of the HORECA market, as Sales Director in 2009 and today as Deputy Managing Director of the Company.


In 2008, Sophie BOYADJIAN - Jean-Luc’s daughter and already shareholder- joined Les Vergers Du Mékong after graduating from a French Business School. With seven years’ experience in the banking sector in Europe, Sophie was involved naturally in Marketing and Export and today as a member of the Board, she is in charge of the CSR and Sustainability of the company. She worked on the B Corp certification to increase credibility, build trust and protect the Company's mission for the long term.


In 2016, Jean-Luc decided to start their first sustainable model farm to look for new agriculture alternatives using permaculture, regenerative and organic agriculture as well as traditional knowledge to find ways to adapt the agriculture to the climate change in the region.


Today, the company has become a flagship for gourmet & healthy food and drink sector in Vietnam and Cambodia, taking the best of both worlds: the French culinary savoir-faire and local natural resources.