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Our impact on Health

From Farm to Fork

Jean-Luc believes sustainable farming practices are imperative to ensure the health of farming for generations to come and to sustain a thriving relationship among farms, food, people, and the earth.

In 2018, LE FRUIT processed
2,000 tonnes of 25 types of fruit

Jean-Luc VOISIN launched the brands LE FRUIT and FOLLIET in 2000 with a deep commitment to supporting a traditional farming system that is both environmentally friendly and economically viable. He envisioned a system that would help family farms thrive and support a revitalization of the surrounding rural communities in the Mekong Delta.

Today, we have collaborative relationships with small-scale family farms that supply LE FRUIT with premium and sustainable grown fruits. Our collaborative model has allowed us to offer stable fruit pricing and less volatility than has been seen in the broader fruit market.

We hope our way of doing business encourages processors and family farmers in other regions to replicate this model.


Natural nutrition
We made a clear choice to produce only 100% natural products. All our products are processed as little as possible for the best taste and culinary performance. There are no ultra-pasteurized, and no additives, preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavours, fillers, artificial ingredients, coloring agents, or GMO.

NO preservatives : we use the natural anti oxidative properties of the cherry acerola

NO artificial flavor : our fruits are carefully selected and processed to preserve their natural nutritional content and flavor

NO concentrate: NO coloring agents:


At Les Vergers Du Mékong, we believe that GMOs is a threat to the land and to family farms and that GMOs have no place in farming or in our food system. Moreover, LE FRUIT juices are pesticide free. LE FRUIT tests all juices and jams for over 60 types of pesticide and there is NO pesticide residue being detected. This is the result of 18 years of directly working with approximately 2000 small-scaled farms in Vietnam.

LE FRUIT has a sustainable supply chain team that trains regularly local farmers on sustainable agriculture to strengthen climate resiliency, for example by using the factory's own compost to protect the soil health.

This is LE FRUIT’s commitment for a complete fruit traceability. In other words, LE FRUIT juices and jams are ‘organic’, but not certified.