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How to make Vietnamese Coffee by big filter

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  • Pre-heat cup and filter with hot water.
  • Add 100-150gr of coffee, shake gently for its fair establishment into the filter.
  • Pour 100ml - 150ml of hot water and wait about 3 minutes to coffee being absorbed
  • After the coffee ground is well expanded, Pour additional 400ml - 450ml hot water 90-95oC.
  • It takes around 15min to complete the brew.
  • Lift the cap and see if the water has drained
  • And collect 300ml - 450ml of coffee liquid
  • Keep coffee liquid cooling down normally then pour it into a glass bottle. Store it at 4-6 degree.


The amount of coffee needs for a large filter is about 100gr - 150gr with  400ml - 600ml of hot water 90C, in  practice, ratio is 1/4.