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Sustainable value chain

Our sustainable value chain

We have a unique business model 'from the farm to the fork' which helped us create a Sustainable Value Chain.Since 2000, we have integrated a strong local supply chain, the creation & processing of natural & healthy products and the direct distribution in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In Vietnam, we work with
Around 2000 smallholder farmers

Real sustainability can only be truly achieved when all parts of the value chain work together and especially to integrate the small farmers in the food value chains.

Sourcing for shared value reinforces our contribution to preserving the environment; stimulating the well-being of communities; and securing resources for the long term. We work with the farmers and the authorities to lead a Sustainable Value Chain.

By building Sustainable Value Chains, we seek to revitalize rural communities, improve the living standards of the small scale farmers, increase the quality and quantity of fruits they produce and empower

Traceability app
We’re bringing innovation to traditional farming.

To go even further in the complete fruit traceability and to increase our level of transparency, we looked for an innovative approach to develop our ‘Sustainable Fruit Supply Programme’ with the 2000 local farmers.

Since 2017 our agronomists developed a unique sourcing App to enable farmers to gain new skills, record their crop and plantations, access agri-innovations and share traditional knowledge. This is a world innovation in the fruit production.

We have encouraged one hundred and fifty farmers have been trained on sustainable farming and the Traceability App in 2018. We aim to integrate the family-owned farms in a Sustainable Food Value Chain.