About Us

Our Mission

Paving the way for a sustainable & healthy food & drink environment.

As a responsible company, we understand that we play the leading role in the food and drink industry towards greater sustainability. We also believe that sustainability is the natural path to a secure and long-term future for our business; it lies at the heart of our vision and contributes directly to our strategy.

"A responsible growth is a shared success"
Jean-Luc Voisin

We strive to grow our business with the same fairness and integrity to craft our products with sustainability and great taste.

‘A responsible growth is a shared success’ admits Jean-Luc Voisin. Our goal is to creat and share success with our farmers, staff and community.

Our aim has always been to transform the challenge of sustainability into new possibilities. The future depends on companies who are prepared to put sustainability in the forefront of their strategies.

Moreover, our commitment to a more sustainable future comes from the belief that we must offer the world leadership of actions on protecting the planet. We want to secure our business, while making a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

With our staff, customers and suppliers, we handle issues to create the positive impact on the environment: reducing waste, using raw materials from sustainable sources, trading ethically, producing all natural fine foods and drinks in order to build a healthier lifestyle.