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Les Vergers Du Mékong is the First B Corp company in Vietnam

​Les Vergers Du Mékong (the Orchards of the Mekong River in English) is proud to announce that it has incorporated the B Corp community by qualifying B Corp status for its commitments to social and environmental sustainability.

The French-owned company located in Vietnam has, for a long time, promoted sustainable farming and local sourcing as a tool to ensure the integrity related to its Great Taste and juices and jams being free from pesticide residue.

Les Vergers Du Mékong in Vietnam and Cambodia, Le Fruit and Folliet brands received B Corp certification from the nonprofit certifying organization B Lab.
The new B Corp status reflects an evaluation that includes the experimental farming, local sourcing, natural production and direct distribution practices together with employee compensation, benefits and training, supplier and community relations and business practices in general.

"I am so excited that we are now a Certified B Corp™, since it confirms and validates the sustainability of our model on which we run our business, inspired by the legacy of my father, our company founder," says Sophie Boyadjian, shareholder.  "As a Certified B Corp™, we now have metrics from the third party that help to illustrate that we use our profits to pursue social and environmental benefits and how we can continue to improve over time," continues Sophie.

Jean-Luc Voisin, founder of the company made sustainability a centerpiece of the company’s vision when he started the adventure of Les Vergers Du Mékong in 2000. The company integrates everything from the farm to the distribution: experimental fruit farms, nursery for endangered indigenous fruit species, a network of agriculture training and collecting centers, a strong local value chain with two thousand small-scaled farms, the creation & processing locally of natural products and the direct distribution in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Les Vergers Du Mékong's long-term commitment to considering the impact of the company's actions on employees, farmers, communities, consumers, and the environment as a whole is not alone anymore ; as a Certified B Corp, Les Vergers Du Mekong is part of a more formal alliance with other companies around the world who are committed to modeling ethical and progressive approaches of business. Jean-Luc Voisin concludes by explaining that ‘Business should be used as a force for good in the world because we have a responsibility for the planet and the community’.